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Project Manager – Udruženje mreža za izgradnju mira


UNFPA GBVIE – Project Manager Position Information 

Location:  Sarajevo, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA 
Duty Station: Bihać or Sarajevo 

Type of Contract :Service Contract 

Post Level :  SB 4/2 

Languages Required : English, B/C/S 
Starting Date : (date when the selected candidate is expected to start) 
 February 2024

Duration of Initial Contract :  One year with possibility for extension 

Background UNFPA CO Country Programme Document comprises work in four key components: sexual and reproductive health (SRH), adolescents and SRH, gender and population dynamics. These components reflect the need for supporting the governments at various levels to deliver on their ICPD commitments. In addition, UNFPA CO provides direct support to authorities in humanitarian response relating to mixed migration crisis. 

UNFPA has been providing support to authorities in view of mixed migration humanitarian response since October 2017, and has been managing two Women and Girls’ spaces, as well as three Centres for Boys and Young Men in Una Sana and Sarajevo Cantons. UNFPA has been coordinating the Working Group on Gender Based Violence in Emergencies and provided technical support in the development and implementation of referral pathways for survivors of Gender Based Violence. 

The Gender Based Violence in Emergency (GBViE)      Project Manager ensures overall coordination and delivery of UNFPA projects’ goals. The Project Manager builds capacity of implementing partners, consultants and contractors as relevant, oversees the work of GBViE Project Assistant and implements and monitors the quality of GBViE project. 

The Project Manager oversees and manages all aspects of UNFPA GBViE Project in Una-Sana and Sarajevo cantons, S/he will support GBViE team to design and further develop context specific innovative and evidence-based model of GBV specific prevention and response program in line with GBV Guiding principle and UNFPA Minimum Standards for Prevention and Response to Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies.  S/he will support all activities related to the GBV Humanitarian Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina, focusing on transitioning GBV response and SRH services to the relevant institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He/She will supervise and oversee the all programme components focusing on the support services provided to survivors of gender based violence and women and girls in general, as well as adolescents and young men. He/She will oversee the work of other UNFPA humanitarian personnel engaged in direct work with migrants and refugees. Additionally, s/he will lead and  oversee the transition of the humanitarian repos information collection and advocacy related to GBV and reproductive health gaps and services. This position technically supports Case Managers and Case Workers in Women and Girls centres and empowerment officers in Boys and Young Men centres, under the direct supervision of the Assistant Representative, and overall supervision of the Representative.  

The Project Manager will engage in the coordination, planning, and advocacy activities related to GBV prevention and response in the humanitarian context, and humanitarian preparedness, and will give special emphasis to increasing access to holistic services and support to survivors of GBViE within the country. 
As UNFPA is chairing GBViE Working Group, and GBV requires a multi sectoral response, the Project Manager will also be required to encourage smooth communication, collaboration and coordination among partners from the protection, health, security, legal and psychosocial sectors working to end violence against women and girls

Functions / Key Results Expected 

Under the supervision of the Assistant Representative, the Project Manager:    

  • Leads the work of the Project Assistant, consultants/experts, IPs and contractors in the organisation and coordination of all existing and project activities;
  • Ensures day-to-day project management and direct support to project related activities, including support to organisation      of workshops, trainings and other events: undertakes logistical administrative and financial arrangements, in consultation with the Country Office;
  • To support development of the transition plan and implementation in cooperation with authorities;
  • Support capacity building of relevant actors through planning, designing and implementation of training packages that will empower professionals to deliver quality services;
  • Regularly chairs GBViE Working group, coordination with multi/sectoral actors, and development/revision of GBViE SoPs as relevant;
  • Provides leadership and coordination role involved in humanitarian action/emergency response and actively facilitates cooperation among partners with whom UNFPA is working;
  • Regularly attends coordination mechanisms and ensures issues related to protection of women/girls, and boys/young men are addressed through appropriate channels;
  • Ensures effective communication in the delivery of projects’ results including communication methods and mechanisms;
  • Supports the establishment of inclusive cross and multi-sectoral GBV coordination mechanisms and scale up interventions to address GBV issues including in humanitarian and emergency settings;
  • Regularly engages with CO programme staff to ensure harmonisation of programmatic interventions;
  • Ensures mainstreaming of gender in the humanitarian response through capacity building; 
  • Ensures timely reports to donors, further resource mobilisation and development of project proposals;
  • Ensures maintaining of electronic and hard copy records (programmatic and financial) and performs other administrative duties ensuring proper archiving;
  • In coordination with Filed specialist and Project Assistant drafts various documents to help with monitoring implementation of projects (e.g. summary table of AWPs, summary table of overall programmatic expenditures, determination of funds utilisation; checks FACE forms and other programmerelated finance reports);
  • Supports preparation and organization of procurement processes including RfQ, RfP, receipt ofquotations, bids or proposals;
  • Acts as a member of CO BiH Preparedness Team and follows up on recommendations

Summary of key functions: 

  • Delivery of projects’ activities;
  • Regular and timely project reporting;
  • Maintenance of relevant records relating to projects’ management.

Impact of Results The key results have an impact on efficient, effective, transparent and accountable implementation of the programme delivery. 
Performance Indicators for evaluation of results: 

  • Timely support provided to humanitarian actors in coordination of GBViE in the mixed migration response;
  • Efficient support provided to programme staff in obtaining programme-related information (including the statistics) from internal and external sources;
  • Timely reporting to donors and coordination mechanisms;
  • Efficient support in resource mobilisation efforts provided;

Competencies Required Competencies: Values  

● Integrity/Commitment to mandate Acts in accordance with UN/UNFPA values and holds himself/herself accountable for actions taken. Demonstrates personal commitment to UNFPA’s mandate and to the organizational vision. 

● Knowledge sharing/Continuous learning Takes responsibility for personal learning and career development and actively seeks opportunities to learn through formal and informal means. Learns from others inside and outside the organization adopting best practices created by others. Actively produces and disseminates new knowledge.

● Valuing diversity Demonstrates an international outlook, appreciates differences in values and learns from cultural diversity.Takes actions appropriate to the religious and cultural context and shows respect, tact and consideration for cultural differences. Observes and inquires to understand the perspectives of others and continually examines his/her own biases and behaviors. 

Managing Relationships 

● Working in teams
Works collaboratively with colleagues inside and outside of UNFPA to allow the achievement of common 
goals and shared objectives. Actively seeks resolution of disagreements and supports the decisions of the 

● Communicating information and ideas
Delivers oral and written information in a timely, effective and easily understood manner. Participates in 
meetings and group discussions actively listening and sharing information. Frankly expresses ideas with the intent to resolve issues, considers what others have to say and responds appropriately to criticism. 
● Conflict and self-management

Manages personal reactions by remaining calm, composed and patient even when under stress or during a 
crisis and avoids engaging in unproductive conflict. Expresses disagreement in constructive ways that focus on the issue not the person. Tolerates conditions of uncertainty or ambiguity and continues to work 

Working with people 

● Empowerment/Developing people/Performance management Integrates himself/herself into the work unit seeking opportunities to originate action and actively  contributing to achieving results with other members of the team. Knows his/her limitations and strength, welcomes constructive criticism and feedback and gives honest and contractive feedback to colleagues and supervisors. Seeks new challenges and assignments and exhibits a desire to learn. Accepts responsibility for personal performance participating in individual work planning and objective setting seeking feedback and acting to continuously improve performance. 

Personal Leadership and Effectiveness 
● Analytical and strategic thinkingUses appropriate analytical tools and logic to gather, define and analyze information, situations and problems and draws logical conclusions from data. Demonstrates an ability to set clear and appropriate priorities focusing on tasks and activities which have a strategic impact on results. Anticipates and meets information needs of the team and other stakeholders. 

● Results orientation/Commitment to excellenceStrives to achieve high personal standard of excellence. Takes action that goes beyond responding to the obvious needs of the situation and persists until successful outcomes are achieved. 

● Appropriate and transparent decision makingMakes timely and appropriate decisions taking into consideration various and complex issues and takes responsibility for the impact of decisions. Inquiries to understand the perspectives of others and continually examines his/her own biases and behaviors. 

Functional Competencies: 

● Results-based management –Uses analytical skills to identify opportunities for project development and participates in formulation of proposals ensuring substantive rigour in the design and application of proven successful approaches.

● Innovation and marketing of new approaches – Enhances existing processes and products. Documents and analyzes innovative best practices and new approaches. Adapts quickly to change.

● Leveraging the resources of partners/ Building strategic alliances and partnerships – Establishes, maintains and utilizes a broad network of contacts to keep abreast of developments and to share information. Analyzes selected materials for strengthening strategic alliances with partners and stakeholders.

● Resource mobilisation – Provides inputs to resource mobilization strategies analyzing and maintaining information and databases on donors and developing database of project profiles for presentation to donors.

Required Skills and Experience Education: Advance Degree in Psychology, Social Work, Women’s Studies, Public Health, Law, Humanitarian Affairs or any other related Social Science field. In lieu of an advanced degree, a first level university degree with additional two years of experience may be considered.

Knowledge and Experience: 

  • Professional level with a minimum of five years of experience in project management, preferably in a humanitarian context;
  • Experience in partnering with government institutions and CSOs;
  • Demonstrated understanding of and ability to maintain confidentiality and respect for clients;
  • Experience facilitating trainings and workshops and mentoring others;
  • Positive and professional attitude, including ability to lead and work well in a team setting;
  • Experience in adolescents and youth programming will be an asset;
  • Proficiency in MS Office (MS Word, Excel and Outlook) software applications. Knowledge of financial and web management programmes would be an asset.

Languages: Excellent knowledge of English and Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian are mandatory languages for this post. 

Lokacija: Sarajevo/Bihać (Rad iz firme)

Broj izvršilaca: 1

Datum objave: 30.01.2024.

Trajanje oglasa: 12 dana (ističe 11.02.2024.)


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